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About Accha

Accha features chic-fashion clothes and boho-luxe accessories as well as home décor designs and gift ideas. The name Accha is derived from the Hindi word for ‘good’. Maritzina Slater is the owner, creator and driving force behind this lifestyle brand.

Maritzina conceived Accha from a holistic point of view; hence, the development of its 'Living', 'Wearing' and 'Giving' collections. For her, "feeling good is as much a feature of how we feel about ourselves through, for example, what we are wearing as it is about how we are living in our environment and giving to those we love."

Maritzina's special love of India inspired her development of Accha. She was deeply moved by the textiles, mogul patterns, colours and heritage architecture that are relevant in Northern India and seeks to reflect these motifs in her designs.

Ideal for both town and country living, Accha’s designs reconcile some of the rich and sumptuous influences of India with a more contemporary Western style. Accha’s Wearing Collection has a unique East meets West feel, which combines natural materials with crisp and flattering cuts for timeless designs to wear for both formal and casual occasions.

Part and parcel of developing new designs is getting to know and engaging with the people who actually make Accha's range in the small cottage industries. Accha is passionate about delivering high quality craftsmanship and supporting sustainable business over volume and mass production.